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About BCK & Associates

Barry C. Kleiman & Associates was founded in 1980 in Emeryville, CA three years after Barry migrated from New York City where his career in the “People” business began in 1972.

I've known Barry for many years. His coaching in my life has had profound effects
and I can honestly say that I owe a great deal of my current business success to his involvement.
Aligning with Barry Kleiman is a recommendation I can make wholeheartedly.
Donna Orender
President, Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA)

Connecting resources with opportunities is the most succinct way to describe our practice. Our core business remains connecting highly skilled employees with employers seeking those skills.

We have facilitated connections outside of the scope of recruiting as well connecting goods and services to organizations in need of the same

Our interest and ability starts with listening and helping people recognize their true strengths, values, assets and beliefs. Assisting people to articulate those things in a tangible, effective fashion is the next step along the way. It’s our belief that this process of seeing, owning and articulating values in a credible fashion is the starting point to all successful connections

(Barry) has a deep respect and understanding of people,
and always puts their needs, strengths and interests first.
Martin Weinstein
Executive Director
Bay Area Community Resources

The congruence of comments stretching across a broad spectrum of individuals lends credence to Barry’s ability to add value. Be it assisting in a search for a senior executive or working with someone in need of a compass, service or product this unique blend of skill, style, street smarts and passion emanates trust and as such manifests into effectiveness.

I could not recommend anyone more highly than Barry.
What you will soon learn is that you will develop a relationship with
Barry that will endure and a relationship that will go beyond the
bounds of just business and grow into a trusted friendship.
Mike Anthofer
Kodiak Networks

If you’re searching for a connection to a resource, an opportunity or simply to locate that person in the mirror we would enjoy the chance to assist.

Like the many people who have been helped by Barry,
I feel fortunate to know him and recommend his services without reservations.
Robert D. Haas
Chairman of the Board Emeritus
Levi-Strauss & Co.

Hoop Dreams

Barry’s skill as both a listener and communicator has a noteworthy track record of success outside of the scope of business into his philanthropic passion of coaching basketball and mentoring young people.

Hi, Barry,
I know Dave has been telling you about this bio from the Monte Vista Basketball program.
You'll be happy to note that Tyler was the only player that did not credit his parent(s) as his most influential person. That honor went to you. Want to pay for his college? ;) Congratulations on your NCS showing.
Not bad for a coach who was so concerned about his team early on. Wish us luck for tomorrow, we will need it!
Bye for now,

Barry is kind and selfless to the point where he devotes a huge amount of
time, thought and effort to helping me improve my mental fortitude and confidence,
while his only reward can be my gratitude and seeing my improvement.
For this reason I look at our relationship firstly with tremendous appreciation and feel ridiculously lucky to know him..
Henri Landes
University of California, Davis

Phi Beta Kappa 2008
Varsity Tennis, 2nd Team All Big West Conference

Dear Barry:
I was very impressed with your enthusiasm & coaching skills.
Men like you served a great need in my life & I applaud you for your devotion
Dale Brown
H all of Fame Basketball Coach